Packages Overview

Below are wedding package services we offer. Read through them to see which package best fit your needs.  Thank you for considering our services and congrats to you and yours.

We also provide custom quotes as low as $600 for smaller weddings.


Package 1


This is a 6 hour shot with anHD camera at your ceremony, as well as your reception. Sound is captured both live, (during the ceremony). Your final product will be on DVD and a flash drive. The end product is a 5-10 minute summary of your day, and the rest of the footage & toasts, etc. is made available to you as well.


Package 2


This package is an 8 hour version of package one. This is the most popular package, because it is about how long a wedding day usually is (if you were to start from getting ready until the final cutting of the cake at the reception). It’s a great time capsule of your entire wedding day experience.



Package 3


This is the massive 10 hour package! As you plan out your wedding day, you might realize that 8 hours of coverage is just not going to cut it... This package is for you! Your wedding day will not happen again, so be sure to allow enough time to capture it all!

Here are picture examples of our custom DVDs packages

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